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There are many ways to honour the departed and keep their memories alive. One of them is by having a cemetery plaque with unique inscriptions. They’re a popular inclusion on gravestones that not only helps identify the deceased, but also give information about their departure date, and comfort those who come to mourn at the grave. (1)

Undoubtedly, there are many thoughts and feelings you could inscribe on the cemetery plaque. But you ought to be precise because of the limited space. If you’re wondering where to start, here are five cemetery plaque wording ideas for family members:

  1. Introductory inscriptions

You’d want to begin your cemetery plaque inscription with a short phrase clearly indicating that it’s about the death of a loved one. Here are some ideas:

  • In loving memory of
  • In remembrance of
  • Cherished memory of
  • Remembering my beautiful daughter
  • In honour of
  1. Names of the departed

After the introductory inscription, write the full names of the departed. It’s common practice to include the first, middle, and last names, to ensure clarity on who’s being referred to. For married women who died while using their husband’s surname, consider inserting their maiden name in brackets.

All in all, there are no hard rules regarding what names you ought to inscribe on the cemetery plaque. You can even use their nickname as long as everyone visiting the grave can correctly identify the dead person without room for confusion. Walking along 49 Cemetery Road could give you more inspiration on naming ideas.

Another thing to note is that different burial places may have regulations on how many names you can include on the cemetery plaque, as wel asl the maximum size of the plaque. Make sure to consult the cemetery officials before instructing the engraver. Also, most gravestone engraving companies charge per letter. This means the longer the name, the more you’ll have to pay. (2)

  1. Dates of birth and death

Years down the line, your children or grandchildren may want to know when their relatives were born or when they passed on. Thus, you should add these dates on the gravestone. You could specify the years only, for instance 1930-2021. This works well if you’re unsure about the exact date of birth. Alternatively, if you’re the kind of person with a keen eye for details, you may have them written in full, for example 01.10.1930 -12.11.2021.

  1. Connection to the deceased

You may want to state the closest relationships of the departed family members using any of the following words:

  • Beloved husband/wife of
  • Doting mother to
  • Loving brother to
  • Darling sister to
  • Devoted father of
  • Adoring grandmother of
  • Caring grandfather of

If you’re burying a couple in the same grave, you can consider installing a Greek cemetery monument and stating their relationship with words like ‘Beloved husband to’ and ‘Beloved wife to’ side by side.

  1. Scripture verses and quotes

Scripture verses are known to uplift the soul in times of grief. Thus, having them inscribed on the gravestone could encourage anyone visiting the grave. It’s advisable to draw scripture verses from the sacred texts of the religion professed by the departed when they were alive. Here’s a brief breakdown of what you could use:

  • Christians: Bible
  • Muslims: The Quran
  • Hindus: The Vedas And The Upanishads
  • Buddhists: Tipitaka
  • Judaists: The Tanakh and The Talmud (3)

Aside from scripture verses, you could also use uplifting quotes or famous one-liners from writers. Many scholars have philosophically expounded on the death issue over the years, and their school of thought could be a great encouragement to you. On the same note, there are commoners who have experienced death and uttered ageless words. Try perusing websites that publish such quotes and see if you can get any fitting one.

You could also consider getting lines from hymns. There are thousands of hymns on death written by inspired singers. Plucking a line or two from these songs would make your cemetery plaque unique.

A slightly fun suggestion would be to tap into the deceased’s favorite works and pick a line from one of those that resonates well with them. You definitely know a book or two they loved reading. Perhaps they’d also gone to the extent of displaying exhilarating quotes from these books on the walls. Look into such details and you’re sure to find one that’ll perfectly fit the cemetery plaque.


Wording your beloved’s cemetery plaque uniquely is an excellent way to honour them and commemorate their lives. So, contact monument professionals, such as those found along 1 Monument Street, Peppermint Grove, Western Australia, and explain to them your needs.  They’ll help bring your cemetery plaque wording ideas to reality. And anyone visiting the grave will feel encouraged to move on with life despite the devastating loss. The good thing is that monument prices are usually not out of reach. You can get good bargains if you shop around keenly.



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