Olympia Marble creates monuments and memorials for people from all walks of life. We recognise that selecting a memorial and monument can be a difficult task for those who have lost a loved one. Our team are able to We construct traditional Chinese monuments with elaborate designs and unique markings and emblems.

A Chinese monument pays honour to numerous aspects of life through symbols. Various Chinese grave emblems depicting the life cycle, cultural values, and qualities can be seen on the Chinese monument.


Depending on the cemetery laws, we provide a variety of Chinese memorial designs. We also authentically engrave Chinese writing on the monument. The craftsmanship of Olympia Marble craftsmen notably features Chinese characters and symbols, which are a vital aspect of a Chinese monument.

We create Chinese memorials that exuberant unique styles; we are confident they will move you with their beauty and serve as a fitting memorial to your loved one. Olympia Marble’s courteous staff can assist you in selecting the ideal headstone, building, or gravestone for an appropriate Chinese monument during such a challenging time.


We also offer a customised service to build a Chinese monument according to your specifications. We design text, headstone shape, structure designs featuring various Chinese symbols, among several other elements. We will ensure you feel special with the bespoke Chinese monument we construct as a dedication from your family to your loved ones. When designing and constructing memorials and monuments, Olympia Marble pays close regard to cemetery rules and cultural standards.

All of our memorials and monuments meet Australian requirements and will not offend any religious sentiments. When creating a headstone, grass memorial, or garden memorial, we take considerable care. At Olympia Marble, even the tiniest details, such as the type of rock, slab, and finishes, are given utmost consideration. We are one of the finest in the market because of our attention to detail and ongoing effort to deliver the greatest customer service.



We understand how difficult it is to lose a loved one, and we will treat you with dignity and courtesy. We’ll work with you to determine your particular needs for a one-of-a-kind Chinese monument. A monument is a wonderful way to keep your loved ones’ memories alive throughout the centuries. Our experts’ monuments are a perfect blend of aesthetic values, cultural traditions, and design. When creating a memorial, we adhere to all cultural and religious requirements as well as the cemetery’s rules.

At Olympia Marble we can assist you with the development of a variety of memorials and monuments. Tombstones, headstones, lawn memorials, single monuments, double monuments, and other memorials are among our specialities. In addition to this, we allow you to personalise your memorial or monument by offering a variety of accessories such as hearts, books, crosses, and more. The memorial is also maintained on-site by staff.


Our headstone design online service is unique in the truest sense of the word. Through use of our online service you are able to maintain your privacy, all while creating your perfect headstone without any additional pressure and time constraints. Work at your own pace.

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