Olympia Marble is the master in crafting timeless Italian monuments. The richness and elaborate designs of Italian monuments are recognisable.  They are magnificent and make an everlasting statement about the departed.

Traditionally, families built mausoleums, crypts, and vaults where their loved ones could be interred throughout generations. This has traditionally been favoured by Italian families who seek to build a lasting memorial, particularly as a legacy to loved ones who have passed away. We can build crypts and vaults from any stone you choose. Our stonemasons will be delighted to create crypts or vaults to commemorate the life and death of your loved ones.



Our Italian monuments are both unique and magnificent. Olympia Marble is known across Sydney for its diligence and remarkable quality of its Italian masterpieces. Our skilled artisans create the finest and most prestigious pieces, ensuring that we deeply understand our client’s needs and expectations. Once aligned, we supply the most suitable grave structure design. We can assist you in selecting the appropriate gravestone, headstone, or tombstone for the structure.

Our Italian monuments are grand as well as elegant. They have unique characteristics that will awe you with their beauty and grandeur. Our constructions and foundations exclusively use the highest quality raw materials. Olympia Marble creates some of Australia’s most beautiful Italian monuments. We are one of the most reputable memorial suppliers and installers, offering tremendous experience in this industry. We can help you personalise your Italian monument with the phrase, graphics, symbols, or writing you desire.

Olympia Marble is well-versed in the cemetery’s guidelines and regulations. We make every effort to follow them and produce an Italian monument structure compliant with current regulations. We use current techniques and advanced technology to inscribe texts and symbols on Italian monuments. Our sculptors work hard to add exquisite details to the monument and give it a particular personality.

Many people are sceptical about going to a stonemason for their Italian grave monuments. But there are many benefits to doing so. For example, the stonemason you go to will be able to give you the right advice on how much it would cost, what materials you’ll need, and what type of design is appropriate for your needs.

Every Italian grave monument is a work of art and reflects the family’s personality. A grave monument is an enduring statement about a person’s life, choices, and beliefs. It can also be passed from generation to generation as a symbol of family history. And when you come to Olympic Marble in Marrickville, we ensure that your wishes are respected.

Olympia Marble is a company that has been around in Sydney for over 30 years. Our stonemasons have designed and built Italian monuments for countless regional clients during this period. We are experts in our field and are proud to serve our customers with the best quality artistry you can find anywhere.


Monument restoration is also something we perform. With the help of our experienced team, you can have symbols engraved on an existing headstone. We have some of the most talented monument designers in our team. They are experts in engraving as well as etching epitaphs. With their excellent art, they assist you in enhancing the splendour of the Italian monument.

The Italian monuments at Olympia marbles are created by some of the world’s most renowned architects in their field. The Italian memorial can be made in whatever colour combination you like, featuring our exclusive Italian accessories. Our team of professionals will assist you in selecting the ideal shape, construction, and colour for your custom Italian monument.

You can also select from our collection of designer and high-end Italian structures. Olympia Marble creates unique monument designs and structures to fulfil various requirements. Olympia Marble is one of Australia’s leading monument masons due to its attention to detail and prompt memorials completion.

The cost of constructing an Italian monument memorial out of Olympia marble is reasonable. We are dedicated to offering the highest possible level of service to ensure 100% client satisfaction. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements!



Our headstone design online service is unique in the truest sense of the word. Through our online service, you can maintain your privacy, all while creating your perfect headstone without any additional pressure and time constraints. Work at your own pace.

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