Eternalise Your Loved One’s Memory With a Lasting Tribute

Welcome to Olympia Marble. Our artisans specialise in creating beautiful grave monuments from granite, marble, sandstone and limestone. Our timeless cemetery monuments honour legacies and preserve memories, helping families maintain a heartfelt connection with their departed loved ones.

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Our Commitment to You

The Olympia Marble staff understands your grief and is available to guide you through the difficult emotional journey of selecting a memorial befitting your departed loved one. We hope you’re comforted by the knowledge that for over 30 years, we’ve been serving families and local communities by providing exceptionally crafted cemetery monuments in Sydney.

We understand that every family’s journey to selecting cemetery monuments is unique. Our friendly stonemasons and designers will collaborate with you, ensuring every choice aligns with your vision. From the meticulous stone selection to the nuances of lettering, we navigate this process alongside you, ensuring your chosen monument reflects a lifetime of memories and love.

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We are a preferred cemetery monument specialist in Sydney because of our:

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Crafting Lasting Monuments With Fine Marble

Marble, renowned for its enduring grace and resilience, is an emblem of eternal love–an ideal material for crafting cemetery monuments.

At Olympia Marble, our artisans specialise in creating diverse cemetery monuments from marble. Each monument we intricately design reflects the cherished memories and profound love families share. Whether you wish to honour your loved one with a family monument, a mausoleum, or a custom-designed monument with cultural or religious significance, we can help you eternalise your loved one’s memory with a monument of your choice.

Our dedication to quality extends beyond stone and craft; it encompasses an unwavering commitment to service. We will help bring your vision to life, weaving threads of your bond into every chiselled detail.

At Olympia Marble, we don’t just provide the finest cemetery monuments in Sydney; we understand your reverence and fulfil it with great care, ensuring your chosen monument becomes a timeless symbol of enduring love and remembrance.

Allow us the honour of sculpting a tribute that echoes eternity, commemorating a life lived and cherished beyond measure.

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Authentic Re-lettering

Olympia Marble offers an exclusive and personalised re-lettering service designed to restore cherished monuments.

Breathing Life Into Memories: Lettering fades with time. Our skilled artisans can revive faded inscriptions, ensuring your monument retains its dignity and the memories it represents. We’ll skillfully match original fonts, layout and spacing while repainting lettering and inscriptions. We also offer restoration services, including gold regilding.

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Comprehensive and Affordable Monument Services

Cemetery monuments are enduring memorials, each telling a story of love and remembrance. At Olympia Marble, we understand that these tributes carry immense emotional significance. As guardians of your loved one’s memories, we assure you that-

We Price With Heart: Affordability should not determine how you remember your departed family member. We’re committed to providing the material quality, craftsmanship and service your loved one deserves without the substantial price tags. Our cemetery monuments will always be accessible to all who seek to honour their loved ones.

We Provide Comprehensive Services: Our services are end-to-end, meaning we’ll help you with monument design, creation and installation. We are here for you if you require further help, whether it’s re-lettering a cherished monument, adding a new inscription, or designing a grave accessory.

We Are Regulatory Compliant: With over 30 years of experience, the staff at Olympia Marble is well-versed with the guidelines, design parameters, stone preference, historical preservation rules, and cultural considerations upheld by cemeteries in Sydney. When you partner with us, we navigate cemetery regulations on your behalf, ensuring your loved one’s cemetery monument is crafted with the utmost love and respect and is compliant.

Connect to Honour: Entrust us with the responsibility of crafting a lasting memorial that truly reflects the depth of your emotions and the legacy of your loved one.



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