A memorial forever over your loved one: Single Grave Monuments

Laying a loved one to rest is not easy. Olympia Marble can support you through this difficult time. Our single grave monuments stand as more than just stone structures. Every carving, every letter, every detail captures the depth of your grief and the profound love that remains in the absence of shared laughter and warmth. Our commitment is to provide a memorial that encapsulates the pure, unwavering love you hold for your previous one.

Let Olympia Marble’s monuments provide you and your family solace as you honour the past, celebrate a life, and mourn the gentle promise of what could have been.

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Crafting Personal Legacies: The Olympia Marble Difference

Honour the memory of your loved one with Olympia Marble, where skill, personalisation, and convenience come together to create a memorial experience filled with meaning and compassion.

Skilful Artistry: Drawing upon our 30 years as a family-owned business, Olympia Marble’s stonemasons and artists bring a wealth of experience designing, sculpting, and installing monuments. Our expertise includes repairing existing monuments, adding meaningful lettering, and restoring the shine and polished appearance of aged gravestones. 

Strategic Location: Although we’re in Marrickville, NSW, Olympia Marble has strategic warehouse locations across Syndey. This deliberate choice allows us to assist you promptly, eliminating the stress of long delivery waiting times.

Versatile Offerings: from small private graves to expansive single and double-grave monuments, we are equipped to design, install and repair memorials of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s the enduring strength of granite or the timeless elegance of marble, we work with various stones to create monuments that align with your vision and your loved one’s wishes.

Personalised Touch: We aim to capture the essence of your loved one in every carving, ensuring a lasting tribute. Be it granite, marble, limestone or sandstone, our artisans skillfully incorporate your preferences, including gold lettering and cultural symbols that hold significance in your traditions.

Convenient Solutions: Recognizing your need for privacy and time, we offer a novel online monument design tool. Our user-friendly platform helps you design a monument for your loved one at your convenience.

Explore the difference with Olympia Marble, where craftsmanship meets compassion, understanding and dedication to a stress-free memorial selection process.


Memorial Insurance Australia was incepted to guarantee care and respect for those who have passed; ensuring their memory lives on and that their Memorial/Vault is maintained in a perfect condition.

When a loved one passes there can be financial pressure on family and friends to arrange the funeral. We want to take the burden off of you for any unforeseen circumstances which may damage the memorial.

In you or someone you know requires financial assistance, reach out to see how we can help.

Affordable, Lasting Single Grave Monument for Your Loved One

At Olympia Marble, we understand the importance of creating meaningful tributes without adding undue financial strain on grieving families. Our unwavering commitment to affordability ensures that every family can access high-quality, personalised memorials without compromise.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

Transparent Pricing: Olympia Marble prides itself on its affordability and transparent pricing. Our staff will always offer a range of flexible options to suit any budget. We will never push you into purchasing a memorial or service beyond your budget. We will also never add hidden fees to our memorials or services.

Material Quality Without Compromise: Our goal is to work with you, supporting your loved one’s final wishes. Our memorials will always align with your financial comfort without compromising on the quality of remembrance tribute your loved one deserves.

Guidance and Support: Olympia Marble’s commitment to affordability extends beyond pricing. We provide guidance and support through the memorial creation and installation process, helping you make informed decisions that align with your vision and budget.

Choose Olympia Marble for an affordable single grave monument that lasts.

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Our headstone design online service is unique in the truest sense of the word. Through our online service, you can maintain your privacy, all while creating your perfect headstone without any additional pressure and time constraints. Work at your own pace.

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