The grave headstone and its place in a well-kept cemetery is often the beginning of uncovering one’s family history. It is often a starting spot when learning about the life of predecessors and often leads to the more significant lessons and experiences they wanted us to know and learn from them. The actual body may or may not even be there, but tombstone engraving and individual memorial markers often act as a treasure trove of information. A tombstone is a marker implanted on the grave of a deceased person, with the full name, date of birth, and date of departure from this world engraved on it. Lately, people have started to note the names of the family members that have also passed away after the first person, in chronological order. This gives information about the order in which the members of the family have left this world.

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When it comes to memorial monuments, we provide a great variety, including single grave monuments, customised double monuments, lawn monuments, Italian monuments, Chinese monuments, cemetery monuments, heritage memorials, renovations, relettering, grave and memorial accessories and stone colours. 

The major function of a grave headstone is to provide recognition of the grave. In a cemetery with no headstones, it becomes extremely difficult to identify the grave of a specific departed person, even if you were present there yourself when the casket was placed. There are chances, you may forget exactly which was the grave of your loved one.

The recognition of the grave of your loved one is not only significant for the close friends and relatives of the departed soul. It also can assist relatives, friends, and other people who know the deceased person and come from other places and countries. It makes it easier to recognize the grave on their own. It is, after all, not always possible to take the children or close relatives of the deceased soul with you to the cemetery.

When someone leaves this world, their children can remember and keep the grave identifiable even without the tombstone at times. But it can be very difficult for the next generation when they become adults. The graves of their forefathers need to be identified so that they know which family line they belong to and who their ancestors were. This is why tombstone engravings are important, and then ensuring that it stays cleaned, restored, and maintained regularly. It will allow the younger and future generations to identify and relate to the departed person.


Let’s discuss why you should get unique tombstone designs from us?

  • Customization!

We offer you the liberty to design unique tombstone designs for the grave of your loved ones. After deciding what type of memorial you want for your beloved one, you have to consider some important tips in creating a beautiful memorial. Because of various options like style, colour, and size, creating a unique tombstone design or grave marker for your loved one’s burial site can be difficult, which is why we will assist you throughout the entire process and we will try to make the entire process as easy as we can.

  • Efficient!

Olympia Marble uses cutting-edge technology in their Marrickville factory, starting with basic amenities and mobile tools. The facilities we planned are with future generations in mind. Along with constantly enhancing our business efficiency, we are also a conscious contributor to a more environmentally friendly and greener future. We also offer the best tombstone prices.

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