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When a friend or a relative departs from the world, it calls for preparations for a perfect send-off. This includes the installation of a cemetery monument, a physical mark that provides a restful place for your loved one. To create a permanent testament, you must ensure that you select the appropriate gravestone monument that fully meets your needs. Hence, it’d be best if you determine the expected costs beforehand so that you can plan accordingly.

Also, before embarking on this vital task, you’d want to know why monuments are worth the money. This way, you can evaluate their overall value and make an intelligent decision on the ideal one to install in your dearest one’s grave. Hence, no need to look far. If you search cemetery monuments cost, this article will give you the main highlights and four reasons why they’re worth the money.


Cemetery monuments cost

Gravestone monuments prices are influenced by factors like the type of stone, size, placement, and design. Also, cemetery rules and regulations can affect the price since they might be specific about the features. Below are typical price ranges for three common monument types:

  • Simple grave markers: AUD$750 – 1,000
  • Simple headstone: AUD$2,000 – 3,000
  • Full monument: AUD$3,000 – $5,000 (1)

The other essential costs to expect include:

  • Installation costs
  • Cemetery fees
  • Charges for standard letter engravings
  • Charges per additional letter or word

To determine what monument falls within your budget, you can contact any grave monuments Sydney company for professional advice. Consider asking for a detailed quotation to be aware of the exact cemetery monument cost too.


Why they’re worth the money

Cemetery monuments are an excellent way to pay tribute to the departed. Indeed, they’re worth the money. Here are four reasons why:


  1. They’re long-lasting

With a cemetery monument, you can be certain that your loved one’s grave is well built to last for generations. Most stones are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy rains, so the grave is protected from any form of destruction. Be sure to select the right quality to achieve your longevity needs. Remember, this is a place your family and future descendants will regularly visit and identify their family history.

That said, below are the most popular stone materials that can create a durable and excellent memorial piece:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Bronze
  • Limestone

Also, gravestone monuments last long enough because cemetery officials always look after them. To respect every family’s sanctuary, authorities have rules and regulations regarding activities on cemetery grounds. For that reason, you don’t have to worry about vandalism or any misconduct around your relative’s grave. (2)


  1. They’re available in various designs and finishes

A cemetery monument allows you to celebrate the departure of a loved one in a special way. Indeed, you’d want to create an elegant gravestone for your beloved that serves as a permanent legacy. While other families may prefer simple designs, many believe that adding more intricate details is a way to express love, show respect, and reflect their dignity.

Luckily, there is a wide range of cemetery monuments designs to consider for a unique appearance. They include:

  • A natural stone colour
  • Polishing to bring out a sleek appearance
  • A double monument for a couple
  • Carving and etching to add accessories like a vase, candle box, or other images
  • Ornamental lettering in a specific layout
  • A custom stone shape, e.g., a tear-shaped one (3)

With that in mind, openly communicate with your cemetery mason about your specifications and have everything well taken care of.


  1. They’re easy to maintain

After installation, it’s pretty effortless to maintain a gravestone monument since you only need to do routine cleaning and arrange for repairs. Most cemeteries, like the Centenary Memorial Gardens, provide general clean-ups to keep the surroundings tidy. However, you’ll need to do more to preserve its original outlook.

Depending on the stone type, your cemetery stone mason will advise you on the best cleaning equipment. Most recommend using warm water with a soft cloth or brush for wiping to avoid scratching the surfaces.

For repairs, the cemetery management usually allows inspections during specific periods so you can plan a check-up with your mason. Fortunately, most of the gravestone monuments Sydney companies provide utmost customer support by doing repairs should there be any defect. During such visits, the deceased search facilities are necessary for easy identification of the grave location.



A cemetery monument is a perfect way to prepare a decent memorial place to honour and remember a deceased relative or friend. This is a place for acknowledgment and dignified closure. Thereby, they’re worth the money because they’re durable, available in various designs, and easy to maintain. If you intend to create a lasting memorial piece, consider hiring a cemetery company with the best prices. Also, note that the costs differ depending on your product demands, so keep a budget in mind.



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