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Timeless Gravestones to Honour Your Loved One

Olympia Marble specialises in creating custom, handcrafted cemetery memorials and commemorative monuments. Our designers and stonemasons have over 30 years of experience helping grieving families in Woronora eternalise their dearly departed. From elegant gravestone designs to personalised engravings, we will work closely with you to create an enduring monument that honours your loved one and helps you find peace.

Express Love With a Personalised Gravestone in Woronora

In times of loss, cherished memories and enduring love serve as guiding lights, reminding family members of their connection to their departed. Gravestones, vaults, monuments and other cemetery memorial structures function as beacons, helping family members find solace.

At Olympia Marble’s Marrickville workshop, with every stroke of our hammers and chisels, we carve your memories and expressions of love and reverence into stunning stone, providing you with a tangible connection to your departed loved one.

Olympia Marble offers residents of Woronora several personalisation options, including

Size and Design: Whether you envision a modest cemetery lawn monument, dignified vault or mausoleum, or elegant bronze plaque mounted on a stunning gravestone, Olympia Marble’s stonemasons and designers can help bring your vision to life. We stock a huge range of marble, granite, sandstone and limestone in colours, patterns and finishes, and we invite you to explore our collection online or at our workshop in Marrickville.

Accessories: With over 30 years of experience as monumental stonemasons, Olympia Marble has created a wide range of grave accessories to honour the cultural and religious diversity of Woronora and the wider Sydney area. From hearts and crosses to Kandelli boxes and incense holders to books, vases, custom-crafted plaques, and meaningful cultural representations, we can help you create a uniquely personalised memorial tribute for your loved one.

Religious and Faith-Based: Olympia Marble specialises in grave etchings and lettering. Our artists can engrave, etch and paint any font type and size on a grave monument, headstone or gravestone. We can add religious and cultural epitaphs to grave monuments, ensuring your loved one’s tribute reflects their faith and spiritual beliefs.

Create Your Loved One’s Legacy Online

Olympia Marble understands that conveying ideas and design concepts can be challenging in moments of profound emotion. We offer a personal, convenient, and user-friendly online tool that empowers you to create a cemetery memorial monument at your pace in a safe and supportive space. With easy drag-and-drop features, creating a meaningful tribute has never been easier.

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