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Eternal Tributes: Handcrafted Headstones in Penrith

Olympia Marble has been privileged to serve the Penrith community for over thirty years. In times of loss, our staff offers much-needed guidance to families, helping them express their grief and love through remembrance memorials. Whether you envision a stunning gravestone, a decorative headstone or a larger cemetery structure like a vault or mausoleum, our artisans can create a beautiful and timeless monument for your loved one.

Cherished Memories Etched in Stunning Headstones in Penrith

Olympia Marble’s skilled stonemasons can handcraft beautiful granite, marble, limestone, and sandstone headstones and gravestones. We are committed to creating cemetery tributes with deep cultural and emotional significance to you and your family. Our creative headstone and gravestone designs help you personalise a monument for your loved one, while our customisation options tell your loved one’s life story through meaningful inscriptions, religious motifs and symbols, ceramic photographs and accessories.

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Create a Loving Tribute Online

Olympia Marble understands that grieving family members need time and a quiet place, free from external pressures, to think about their departed loved one before designing a fitting tribute. Our free online tool helps you create a soulful cemetery tribute from the comfort and privacy of your home. Its drag-and-drop feature allows for the easy creation of a tribute, enabling you to customise your memorial based on your loved one’s preferences. From headstone and gravestone stone type and colour selection to adding accessories, inscriptions, photographs and symbols, our online design tool helps you immortalise your loved one’s special moments and beliefs.

Handcrafted Timeless Headstones in Penrith

Olympia Marble would be honoured to assist you in creating a meaningful cemetery tribute that speaks of your enduring love for your departed loved one.

  • Skills: With over thirty years of experience, our stonemasons can work with any stone type, from marble to granite, limestone and sandstone, creating everlasting designs. We can also help you with high-quality commemorative plaques manufactured to last.

  • Quality: We only source premium-quality materials for your beloved’s memorial. Whether it’s the stone slab, cement foundation, gold etching or cast bronze plaque, our materials will comply with Australian standards.

  • Technology: Our stonemasons can hand-cut and shape your memorial to precision with the perfect finish. We are also experienced with the latest machinery and tools, enabling us to produce high-quality, dignified memorials in a quick timeframe.

  • Customisation: Our designers will guide you on all aspects of the customisation process, from stone type and colour to engraving fonts and styles to finish, ensuring your tribute fits your preferences and needs.

  • Size & Type: We can help you create memorials of any size, from single to double gravestones to beautifully etched headstones to respectful vaults and dignified mausoleums.

  • Repair: Our stonemasons are adept at repairing and restoring any type of monument, including adding new inscriptions, re-lettering to revive old inscriptions, and re-gilding gold lettering.
An Australian-owned business, we take pride in our craftsmanship and offer our customers the best quality cemetery headstones in Penrith at an affordable price. Please speak with us about creating a lasting tribute that stands unwavering, like your love.

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